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Bassette Company: Pioneers with Humble Beginnings

It’s an American tale of rags to riches that reads like a modern day movie: an orphan of the streets is befriended by the company patriarchs and later goes on to become the company president.

Such is the story of Bassette Company, founded in 1898 by Frederick A. Bassette and William Lawton. The Springfield-based operation opened after the nationally known art nouveau artist William Bradley closed his firm, The Wayside Press. The new partners had briefly worked with Bradley and saw the closing as an opportunity.

One of the company’s early employees ─ a young orphan by the name of William Kervick ─ was plucked from the streets and taken under the wings of the two businessmen. Thanks to their kindness, young Kervick went on to find not only a job, but in fact a very lucrative livelihood for himself and his descendants. William worked his way up through the ranks at Bassette to become a top sales producer, corporate secretary, director, president, and finally majority shareholder of the company. In 1958, son Robert followed in his father’s footsteps later becoming a shareholder and president of the company. He remained active at Bassette until his death in 1998.

Today, Bassette Company is solely owned and operated by William’s grandson, Kevin. The present-day Kervick spent summers working for his father, Robert, and joined the company in 1984 in a full-time capacity after graduating from Babson College with a degree in business.

Solutions that Benefit the Customer

Today, Kervick’s motto for Bassette is “Better process. Better solutions.”

With that maxim as the company’s driving force, Kervick has instituted many cutting-edge print technologies at Bassette, specifically in the digital print arena. To that end, he has added a digital division, along with a unique set of business processes called “Manage Smart.” Kervick explains that the process includes six components, which have been developed to help blue chip customers better manage their print supply chains. Major benefits include: reduced unit costs, lower inventory levels, proprietary tools to create documents faster, and faster print turnarounds.

Kervick’s vision for the company is to better serve the customer. “At Bassette, we do more than put ink on paper. We create unique value through the way we deliver our product. This builds trusting relationships that stand the test of time,” says Kervick.

Long-term Partnerships Pay Off

Adding credence to that statement are long-time customers like Massachusetts Mutual, a customer since 1915, and Pratt & Whitney, a customer since 1945. Other current customers include: note that I added commas

Gerber Scientific, 1979
Atlas Copco, 1982
Lego, 1985
United Technologies, 1986
AGFA, 1993

Bob Haynes, vice president of sales, says the company’s solutions for its customers, as well as the quality of the product, are what made him sign on with Bassette five years ago. “I believe in where the company is headed and where it is positioned for the future,” says Haynes, who has spent the last 25 years in the graphic industry in the areas of production, sales, marketing, and sales management. Haynes brings to Bassette his expertise at firms such as Danka Services International, Quebecor, and Press Works.

Haynes adds that the numbers speak for themselves: last year, sales volumes reached $9-million-plus, with sales for the next three to five years projected in the $15-million-dollar range. The digital and fulfillment areas are expected to contribute to more than 50 percent of the company’s overall growth. In fact, in the last couple of years, Bassette’s digital business grew from $105,000 to over one million dollars annually.

Providing a Full Range of Services

Today, Bassette Company offers a wide variety of services that include full pre-press, digital asset management, one-to-four–color digital printing up to 11 x 17 inches, and multi-color offset printing up to 40 inches. Their Heidelberg CD six-color press also has the ability to print up to 30-point board. Bassette also provides full in-house bindery services, including die cutting, gluing, wire–o, and spiral binding. In addition to traditional printing services, Bassette specializes in inventory management, fulfillment and distribution, web building, and web hosting services.

Immediate plans include a total upgrade of the pre-press department, as well as internal system and shop floor management upgrades; additional fulfillment and storage areas; the enhancement of existing Heidelberg presses; and the introduction of advanced screening technology.

From its humble beginnings that stem from the visions of artists and orphans, Bassette Company is still considered one of the pioneers in the printing industry. Today, Bassette maintains its pioneer status by embracing the latest print technologies and creating proactive approaches that greatly impact their clients’ print supply chains. Indeed, Bassette’s forward-thinking style is one of the primary reasons Neumann Print Technologies has selected the printer as a member of their team. Find out more about Bassette Printing at

Meet Mike Palmioli, in-house production coordinator for Neumann Print Technologies

For the past 24 years, Mike Palmioli, production coordinator, has honed his skills in the printing business working for a number of area printers. Mike’s production background enables him to quickly assess the best way to produce a job cost effectively and efficiently to showcase the customer’s product. Mike received an associate’s degree in printing technology from Springfield Technical Community College, and a bachelor of science degree in print management from Rochester Institute of Technology. In his spare time Mike enjoys spending time with his family, wood working, carpentry, fishing and taking scouting trips with his two boys, ages 21 and 15. Mike has been a scout master for the last 13 years and plans to continue for the next two years until his 15-year-old becomes an eagle scout like his older brother.

Charles River Publishing: In Good Company

If a business is known for the company it keeps, then Charles River Publishing is certainly in good company. Among those who sing the firm’s praises are renowned institutes of higher education, Harvard University and MIT, Fidelity Investments, Boston Ballet, and the National Journal, the newspaper of choice for the most recent Democratic National Convention.

Harvard University and MIT, who put its vendors through a rigorous evaluation process, have named Charles River its preferred cold web printer. In an equally rigorous process Charles River Publishing was chosen to print the National Journal, the daily publication for the Democratic National Convention.

“We kept hearing the name Charles River Publishing; about its reputation for high standards, quality work, and commitment to customer service,” says Isobel Ellis, director of publishing services at the National Journal.

National Journal president and publisher, John Fox Sullivan adds, when the task is to provide the daily newspaper for a captive audience of 20,000, including many of the nation’s political and media leaders, you need to get it right. He says tight time constraints and complex color requirements make for a difficult but doable assignment.

“We were on the critical path and thanks to Charles River, the product was flawless,” adds Ellis.

Business as Usual for the In-House Crew

Richard Saltzberg, owner and president of Charles River Publishing, takes the compliments in stride and says no matter how complex the job, it’s “business as usual for his crew,” adding that his goals for the past twenty-nine years have remained the same: to provide his customers with unparalleled service, competitive pricing, and the highest quality product. We maintain a “whatever it takes” philosophy. Yet, he adds, Charles River is more than just the sum of its equipment and industry technology. A key ingredient in the mix is the people who run the business.

Saltzberg says the team of professionals at Charles River is its most valuable asset. “I have never forgotten that our customers are doing business with people, not a piece of equipment. We have service representatives who can project manage the most demanding job and who also know how to listen. We have press, bindery and mailing professionals trained in the latest industry technologies.”

In addition, Saltzberg says Charles River is proud of its management team that is “dedicated to building one-on-one, in-depth relationships with our customers.” The result is a top-notch team that works together to provide the customer with seamless service and an excellent product.

Offering a Full Range of Services On Site

One of the Northeast’s premier cold web printers, Charles River Publishing prides itself on its one-stop shopping. Charles River offers a full range of in-house design, prepress, printing bindery, and mailing services for customers in business, higher education, and non-profit sectors throughout the Northeast.

Also known for its expertise in the digital prepress and color department, Charles River boasts state-of-the-art DGM 430, digitally-controlled four-color process and multiple stacked printing systems that produce a variety of publications in book, tabloid, and standard formats. “Our digital micro ink controls and remote registration capabilities ensure high quality and consistent results with every run,” adds Saltzberg.

The bindery equipment at Charles River includes a McCain 2000 saddle binder with six pocket feeds, as well as a cover feeder capable of collating and finishing booklet, magazine, or tabloid signatures.

On-site mailing facilities help ensure that the job is completed quickly, accurately, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. Because they offer in-house design capabilities, Saltzberg says the designers can suggest size and format options that guarantee the lowest postal rates. In addition, Charles River mailing services include use of an in-house mailing permit, list processing, CASS certification, merge/purge, de-dupe, presorting, and an on-site United States postal verifier. Mailing services are also available for non-cold web publications, including postcards, brochures, booklets, and catalogs.

Charles River Publishing also realizes the importance of being involved in industry organizations. Saltzberg has served on the Directors’ Board of Printing Industries of New England for the past five years and was recently elected vice chairman of this Board. Charles River also maintains a philosophy of pro-active education for its clients and they sponsor many seminars to educate clients to new technology and its benefits.

So, whether it’s satisfying the political pundits of the country, or the stalwarts of academia, Charles River proves it’s up to the task. Good company, indeed.

Meet General Manager Ray Erne, in-house coordinator for Neumann Print Technologies

Servicing all of the Neumann Print Technologies accounts is general manager Ray Erne, who has held that position for the past five years. Before joining the Charles River Publishing team, Ray spent 27 years as a commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, responsible for its shop operations, management, contracting, and engineering endeavors. While with the Coast Guard, Ray also served as liaison to the Washington, D.C. headquarters for the National Marine Fishery Service. Ray, whose hobbies include skiing, boating, travel, and golf, holds a bachelor’s degree in management and an MBA degree in business.

Large Format Printing ─ What a Difference
A Decade Makes

Large format printing. Just 13 years ago it didn’t even exist, but now this technology has dramatically changed the way businesses advertise. With large format print technology, trade booth signage, outdoor billboards, and transit advertising never looked so good.

In the past, the only way to get something of similar quality was by the labor intensive and expensive technique of silk screening. Not anymore. With large format printing the quality is great, the process is fast, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Experience the DGI-Invisuals Difference

As New England’s leading provider of large format digital and photo imaging services, DGI-Invisuals (DGII), headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts is at the forefront of this technology. At its 30,000-square-foot facility, DGII provides business-to-business professional service for the preparation, printing, and installation of large format graphics. Using state-of-the-art technology, DGII produces high quality graphics for tradeshows, retail displays, special events, architectural accents, and vehicle wraps.

Through it’s partnership with DGI-Invisuals, Neumann Print Technologies (NPT) is also at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology. NPT has been representing large format printing since 2001 when Sandra Neumann, president of NPT, and Jim Dadmun, president and CEO of DGII, agreed that together they had a lot to offer the customer with large format printing needs.

Says Neumann, “With the technology offered by DGII, my customers have more flexibility in the design and production of all types of interior and exterior signage such as posters, murals, digital wallpaper, banners, trade show booths, and even full vehicle wraps. These products now can be designed and produced faster and with higher quality than anything I’ve seen in the other areas of the industry. This technology has had a huge impact on the way traditional companies communicate with their customers.”

DGII Provides Services that Bring Large Graphics to Life

In June 2002, DGI (Digital Graphic, Inc.) and Invisuals merged to form DGI-Invisuals, LLC. Two years later a group of seven investors bought DGI-Invisuals from Charette, Inc.─ a firm that provides imaging products to the professional design marketplace ─ and Dadmun became part owner and CEO of the new company. Before the merger, Dadmun was the CEO of DGI.

Speaking about DGII, Dadmun says, “We are in the business of visual communications. This means we offer our customers the ability to communicate with their marketplace through a variety of visual techniques. “We believe that with a range of high quality still graphics ─ complemented by the ability to deliver high-resolution video-based content ─ a unique visual experience can be developed and delivered directly to the customer. Our graphics and video teams work with the customer to design and enhance their concepts to provide solutions that bring large graphics to life.”

Today, DGI-Invisuals is the large format digital provider for companies such as Massachusetts Mutual, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Honeywell Consumer Products, Dunkin Donuts, Peter Pan Bus Lines, Smith College, St. Paul Travelers, Citizens Bank, Staples, Tweeter, Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, Rockport, Reebok, BJ’s Warehouse, Motorola, Pratt & Whitney, Ka Bloom Flowers, The Museum of Science in Boston, and BOSE Corporation, among others.

One of the newest customers to join the NPT/DGI-Invisuals team is Lauretano Signs Company of Terryville, Connecticut. Tom Baker, director of operations at Lauretano, has nothing but good things to say about the experience. “We’ve never enjoyed such great customer service, superior quality, and fast turnaround as we have with DGI-Invisuals.”

Exceeding Customer Expectations with High Tech Solutions

Lambda, traditional photographic imaging, dye sublimation for fabric, commercial inkjet prints, image archiving, and marketing, as well as video display systems and content are all part of the services DGI-Invisuals offers its customers every day. Yet, Dadmun believes that every job is unique and needs to be custom tailored to fit each customer’s needs.

Along with these services, DGII also provides some of the most recent technological advances in the industry, including Digital Signage. In 2003, DGII formed a new division called Advanced Visual Technologies,or AVT. The new division offers customers access to the latest hardware and software in the emerging area of digital signage. Through this state-of-the-art medium, large screen LCD or plasma displays are networked together to deliver video content and “graphics in motion” around the world, over the Internet. This allows forward thinking companies to communicate directly with their customers at their place of business with up-to-date information or promotional programs through a sophisticated video display system.

When asked what DGII will be offering five years from now, Dadmun says, “It hasn’t been invented yet,” but if the past is any guide, DGI-Invisuals will certainly have it.

Meet Brenda Tanger, in-house customer service representative for Neumann Print Technologies
Brenda joined DGII in 2000, after graduating from UMASS Amherst with a bachelor of fine arts degree. In her role as inside coordinator and estimator on a number of large accounts, Brenda is responsible for working with the production, installation, and shipping departments, to ensure that each job is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Meet Mellissa Cuevas, in-house coordinator and hardware specialist for Neumann Print Technologies
Mellissa, who has a BA degree in graphic arts and a minor in photography from Mass Art, joined DGII in September 1999 and serves as the inside coordinator and hardware specialist on a number of accounts. In her spare time, Mellissa enjoys breeding and showing Akita's and presently has two Akita's and two parakeets. In addition to her love for animals, Mellissa is a wife, and a mother of a 15-month-old boy and a 4 ½ year-old girl. Mellissa says that sometimes being a twin comes in handy when she tries to be in two places at once. However, she notes, people often expect twice as much from her.

Dynagraf Printing:
Servicing the “Who’s Who” in Corporate America

Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Avon, and Manadnock Paper. The client list reads like a “who’s who” of top companies in today’s corporate world, and indeed, it is. It’s also just some of the companies that Dynagraf Printers is proud to call its customers today.

A full-service printer with both sheet fed and full web capabilities, Dynagraf Printers was formed in 1973 when William Roche and his two sons, Bill and Gerald, incorporated and opened their doors with a total of three employees. The original offices, located in Kenmore Square in Boston, Massachusetts, occupied a total of 5,000 square feet. In 1987, Dynagraf purchased R&S Printing and expanded to two locations ─ South Boston and Dorchester ─ where they operated until 1996. Today, with more than 100,000 square feet of plant space and 160 employees, the company has consolidated back to one location in Canton, Massachusetts.

Committed to Exceeding Expectations

According to President Bill Roche, Dyngraf’s mission is to be a leader in the graphic communications industry. “We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing top quality finished products within a short time frame at a competitive price. This can only be achieved through the skill and intensity of our employees.”

He adds that the continued success of Dynagraf is based on establishing long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial for its customers, employees, and suppliers. “Our mission is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, and to treat our core customers’ work as mission critical.”

Roche describes the company as a close–knit organization. “The people who own the company are the same people who come here to work every day. We are in a very competitive and highly technical business, and our success depends on continued improvement of service, excellent quality, and the ability to get the job done on time. It is Dynagraf’s goal to be the very best.”

Competing in the Full and Half Web Markets

Dynagraf offers a variety of services. They are able to print an 81/2 x 11-sized sheet and up to eight colors on their full web press. With their 10-color/five-color perfector press, Dynagaf also can compete within the half web market. In addition, Dynagraf is well known for their expertise in printing with ultra violet (U.V.) cured inks and coatings. With an on-site ink manufacturing lab, they are able to match any color under a variety of print conditions. For the last six years, the use of these U.V. inks and coatings has drastically reduced drying times and improved color hold out on uncoated papers. As a complement to their printing services, Dynagraf also offers a full service bindery and in-house fulfillment and mailing departments.

Awarded for Print and Environmental Excellence

Dynagraf has been recognized for the quality of their product and has won numerous industry awards, including several Ben Franklin awards, the most prestigious award presented by the Printing Industries of America. In 2004 Dynagraf won an award for four-color business and annual reports, and an award in the three-color catalog category.

Also in 2004, Dynagraf was one of the few printers in New England to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an environmental certification that guarantees fibers used to produce the paper have been harvested from a well-managed forest. To meet FSC certification, products must contain a minimum of 30 percent of FSC virgin fiber, as well as a minimum of 17.5 percent FSC fiber (including post-consumer waste fiber.) FSC certification is the only one recognized by leading environmental groups, industry, government, First Nations, and the general public. Printed materials can only bear the FSC trademark or logo if all members of the value chain (i.e. the paper manufacturer, merchant, and printer) have obtained FSC chain-of-custody certification.

Neumann Print Technologies is proud to recognize the FSC certification of Dynagraf and its commitment to helping save the environment.

Technology Upgrades Benefit the Customer

With more than 27 years in the printing industry, Dave Nichols, director of prepress and technology at Dynagraf, has seen the technology change from linotype to CTP (computer-to-plate.) Having spent the last nine years at Dynagraf, Nichols is responsible for some of the firm’s most recent advances and upgrades. With Dynagraf’s upgrade efforts in the prepress area ─ including new hybrid advanced screening technology and remote proofing capabilities planned for second quarter of 2006 ─ Nichols believes the printing industry should be ‘status quo’ for the next seven to 10 years. “The basic core technology now exists and pricing will soon come down,” adds Nichols, who has a background in fine arts, and manages 13 people and three shifts.

Nichols says he thinks the most significant change in the industry will be remote proofing and the use of PDF files for printing. Currently, usage of these technologies has increased by 50 percent from last year, which means faster turnarounds, and a significant reduction in the time it takes to get from file to plate. For instance, 16-hour-turnarounds can now be accomplished in 12 hours or less.

Other advances in store at Dynagraf include the installation of the Xrite color system ─ a closed-loop color control pre-set inking system ─ which will translate to faster and more accurate makereadys on press. In the mailing department an additional mail line has been installed, enabling the department to mail out up to one million pieces per day.

In recent months, many others have discovered why Mohawk Paper, Bergdorf Goodman, and Cache turn to Dynagraf for all of their printing and post production needs. Since April of 2005, The United States Postal Service, United Health Care, Smith & Wesson, and the Appalachian Mountain Club have been added to Dynagraf’s stellar customer list. Find out more about Dynagraf at

Meet Mary Frye, in-house coordinator for Neumann Print Technologies
Mary has been with Dynagraf for the last 16 years. She started with the company as Bill Roche’s secretary and has been in customer service for 13 years. Mary lives nearby in Braintree, Massachusetts, with her husband, Robert, their daughter, Erica, and their dog, Goliath. In her free time, Mary enjoys skiing, sports, and travel.

Evatone: From Direct Marketing to Fulfillment

Evatone Inc. and its two divisions ─ Evatone Marketing Services and E-Business Services ─ offer an unlimited array of vertically integrated direct marketing, media, and e-business solutions that also include in-house production for CDs, DVDs, offset printing, digital printing, packaging, and audio and video cassettes. Plus, Evatone provides content management solutions, print-on-demand, and mailing and fulfillment services.

The 24-acre campus located in Clearwater, Florida, includes 300,000 square feet of climate-controlled buildings equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities, as well as hundreds of knowledgeable employees with expertise in planning, execution, and delivery. This all translates into high quality solutions that are innovative, reliable, and can be executed quickly. Evatone brings a wealth of creative and problem-solving talent to their client work with 80 years of experience leading the development of media innovations.

Evatone Production
Evatone provides complete turnkey services for DVD, CD audio and CD-ROM, music, spoken word, and data applications, as well as video editing, and CD and DVD replicating and duplicating. Their authoring, mastering, duplication, and replication services combined with in-house printing and packaging capabilities bring clients an endless supply of optical solutions.

Carl Evans, president and CEO of Evatone, says the professionals at his firm can help bring customer ideas to fruition and also help with special requests. One such special request addressed by the Evatone team is copy protection. Because Evatone is an authorized replicator and reseller of the Hexalock® CD-ROM copy protection system, Evatone customers are assured of the best copy protection available on the market.

Evatone’s commercial printing unit consistently wins print industry awards for superior reproduction quality for offset color printing, die cutting applications, packaging, brochures, and book and direct mail printing. In addition, Evatone’s on-site mailing facility offers full-service capabilities that include variable data and direct mailing operations, as well as packaging and fulfillment options, an address label system, and delivery to the post office.

Evatone Marketing Services
The Evatone Marketing Services Division is a full-service agency specializing in direct marketing solutions: direct mail, audience targeting, database analysis, and branding. Evans explains, “We help our clients understand their markets, and their data through the use of a rigorous methodology that allows us to provide solid strategic guidance before we even begin the design work.”

Evatone Marketing Services has an approach centered on the principles of one-to-one marketing, where they strive to create the most highly targeted, highly relevant, and compelling communications that speak to individuals. Segmentation, profiling, data appends, and testing and analysis tools all help to identify the right people. Then, the professionals at Evatone leverage the creative and production group to reach target audiences in compelling ways, such as through the use of variable data and personalization, which makes each printed piece a unique, one-of-a-kind communication.

“This approach helps keep our creative team focused and on target…and it’s the reason they keep winning creative awards for the work we do for our clients.”

The Evatone E-Business Division is a full-service electronic agency providing A-Z Web site development, e-mail marketing, content management solutions, and e-commerce and multi-media solutions. It’s another award winning-unit in the Evatone family. E-Business can also help develop software solutions for a variety of needs, including content management, games, flash, and online interactive tools.

Their proprietary content management tool, Resource Rabbit, is an out-of-the-box solution that can be customized and scaled to the precise needs of the client. It’s an effective tool for helping streamline and control content management workflow, document management, print-on-demand, customizable templates, and fulfillment ordering, tracking and reporting. Plus, Evatone can deliver full-scale, enterprise-wide content management systems.

Digital Printing
Evatone has invested in state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities that deliver offset quality, four-color print for short run projects. Their press equipment also allows them to deliver digital in oversized formats on an amazing array of stocks and textured substrate materials.

Additionally, these digital technologies allow Evatone to create compelling one-to-one direct marketing pieces through the integration of the creative layout, database, and digital press. Driven by the database these printers can swap images and text and add personalized information anywhere into the layout, creating highly relevant and impactful direct marketing pieces. It’s done in-line, on-the-fly; at speeds that rival traditional offset printing.

Mailing and Fulfillment
It’s not end-to-end without fulfillment and mailing services. Evatone’s long experience coordinating logistics for clients also extends into the realm of international shipping. Once products are produced they move across campus to Evatone’s warehouse fulfillment center, where they are stored, kit assembled, and shipped within 72 hours of ordering.

From marketing to fulfillment, Evatone’s customers can assess a wide variety of services that result in a professional, premium product every time.

Meet Angela Evans, in-house coordinator for Neumann Print Technologies

Customer service representative Angela Evans graduated with a degree in business administration and has been a customer service representative at Evatone for the past five years. Angela joined the family business in July 2004 as a senior CSR and is responsible for all of the Neumann Print Technologies accounts. As such, she services more than two million dollars worth of sales each year. Her leisure-time activities include yoga, quilting, and spending time with her two cats, Jojo and Merlin.

Neumann Print Technologies
After 18 years as an independent representative, Neumann Print Technologies (NPT) has established a reputation as a reliable, dependable resource that guarantees high quality results for its clients.

“Neumann Print Technologies provides its clients with the best solutions for their print buying decisions. At NPT, our job is to make our clients look good and feel confident no matter what their buying decisions may be,” says Sandra Neumann, president of NPT. She adds that because of its extensive knowledge in the fields of printing and packaging, NPT can offer its customers a wide range of resources to help in the decision-making process.

Neumann adds that her firm understands the value of customer service, and insures its customers get whatever they need when they need it. She credits the hand-picked team of print providers for optimum results every time. High quality, competitive pricing, as well as excellent customer service, and reliability are top priorities for the print providers at NPT.

“We want our clients to feel confident that we have their best interests at heart, and that each project is important. With NPT handling the job, our customers can rest assured that the job will be easy and hassle free.”

Neumann says NPT is proud to be partners with its team of printers because of their proven reputation, which helps them rise above the competition. She adds, together they can assist with printing needs as varied as printing a brochure, a catalog, or a poster, to producing CDs and DVDs, or wrapping a transit vehicle.

“Our alliances make us a strong team that our customers can rely on to become part of their team to meet all of their print and packaging needs.”